Retaining Wall Systems

Our Policies

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Consistent with Creative Paving Solutions Inc.’s business strategies, the Company wishes to emphasize its commitment to being a responsible steward with respect to the safety and health of its employees and the environmental impact of its operations and products. We recognize that our shareholders, employees and the community expect responsible environmental, health and safety stewardship to ensure our continued success and growth as a company.

To demonstrate this commitment, Creative Paving Solutions Inc. promises to:

  1. Comply with relevant environmental, health and safety laws, regulations, standards and codes of practice as the absolute minimum requirement in each of the locations in which we operate.
  2. Reduce waste, conserve energy and recycle materials, to the extent practicable, to minimize negative environmental impacts.
  3. Strive to provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment and, in the event of a work-related injury or illness, undertake to help our employees achieve recovery consistent with their needs.
  4. Provide education, training, and leadership to our employees, contractors and tenants to enable and motivate them to work safely; understand and comply with applicable laws and policies; and enhance our environmental health and safety performance.
  5. Conduct regular assessments to verify regulatory compliance and to identify and address operational practices that might impair safety, health or environmental quality.

To support this commitment, Creative Paving Solutions Inc will progressively implement and maintain environmental, health and safety management systems for its businesses.

Quality Assurance

We aim to ensure perfection or at least as close as possible to it, in all activities from production, installation, service and documentation. We regulate the quality of raw materials, production, products and management.

Company Quality

Our company-wide quality approach places an emphasis on some basic but fundamental elements – job management, high performance integrity, competence, knowledge, skill, experience and qualifications. A sub-division of this is confidence, motivation and team spirit. We strongly believe that if all departments approach quality with an open mind, success is not only possible, but assured.

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