Retaining Wall Systems

Manufacturing Process


Our Brick Pavers are made of Sand, Water, Cement and Iron Oxide for colour. This process is also a highly automated one, with the required quantity of raw materials and required product being preprogrammed. Once mixed, the raw materials are released from a bin onto a conveyor belt and emptied into a Garbro Bucket. They are then transported to the actual Paver Machine, which because it is also preprogrammed gives the mix the required amount of vibrations in order to sufficiently compact and compress it. Finally the mix is squeezed through the desired mold and onto waiting Pallets. Once one layer of the Pallet is laid, the Machine which moves by means of a gliding rail, moves onto the next Pallet. We prefer that the Pavers are kept in the yard for at least Three (3) Days before delivery.

Client Consultation

When our Sales Representative meets with a Client, whether it be on Site or at the Office, there are many issues which arise for discussion. Mainly, clients are informed about the benefits of using Pavers and assured of their quality. The Client, as well as our Sales Representative, also take this opportunity to discuss colour choice, time frame for completion of the job and of course price. At this time, or at a date convenient to the Client, CPS is provided with a drawing of the Ground Area with measurements, so that we can provide them with a Free Quotation; or, if the Client prefers, we can take physical measurements of the Ground Area in order to get a more accurate and precise measurement.

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